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“I used to spend hours going from website to website posting positions. Using JobTarget is a tremendous time saver. It’s conveniently integrated in our ATS, so jobs can simultaneously post on multiple sites and for those hard to recruit positions I can easily search for other niche sites in their abundant Marketplace. Having a Media Specialist to negotiate packages and discounts is another valuable time and money saver! I highly recommend JobTarget.”

- Jonalyn Crite
University of North Carolina, Asheville

Post Your Job Across 20,000 job sites

Through a single platform, create, distribute and manage your job posts across a network of over 100,000,000 qualified candidates.

  • Automated, intelligent, job distribution – driven by Big Data
  • Set your budget and start acquiring candidates immediately
  • Access performance reports to monitor continuous optimization

Learn what sites deliver the best candidates

Use built-in analytics and intelligence tools to track job posts, candidate flows, and job seeker activity to optimize your recruitment strategies.

  • Advanced analytics tool to evaluate performance by job
  • Evaluate metrics to the site-level
  • Benchmark performance against market-based metrics

Recruitment experts on-call to help

We'll review your media strategy, educate you on new solutions, and craft a personalized recruitment strategy – for free.

  • Target candidates by skill, industry, and behavior
  • Data-driven campaigns deliver measurable results
  • Dedicated account team to continuously optimize

Stay Compliant...

Our Compliance team will help you meet regulatory requirements, minimize exposure and maximize diversity recruiting success.

  • Experts in OFCCP audit support and risk management
  • OFCCP solutions include state job bank posts, image proofs, and archiving
  • Easy to use analytics to help monitor and maintain compliance

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